Anonymous asked: where are you from

The womb.

But I live just outside of Chicago.

Fresh icon image! I’m playing around with some drawings that’ll bring back the bird skull, likely including flowers similar to these, but that’s a bit of a bigger project that I’ll have to chip away at between other projects.

Drawing giveaway / contest time!

I’m doing a little giveaway contest over on my Instagram. Check out @inkbrambles on IG for details. xx

In the spirit of upping my social media game, I’m working on getting things together for a Society 6. I’ll also be restocking my Etsy with some original drawings.

What sort of things/designs/drawings would you be interested in? Shoot me a message! Thanks :)

Finished sunflower and gardenia bundle for Caitlin.

This image is a custom tattoo design. Please respect my client and do not use this image for your own tattoo. Email commission inquiries to Thank you!

In progress

A small portion of a much larger project. I’m excited to have this coming together. I’ll share more project details as I’m able to!

In progress

Some details of one of my current projects. This particular batch of work is the sort that make me feel grateful beyond words that this is what I get to do for a living.

In progress

Another sunflower bundle tattoo design commission. I could do a million different versions of these floral bundles and never tire of them. They’re truly a treat.

Despite being super busy lately, I’m going to make a serious attempt to properly keep up with my art-related social media updates. I’d like to continue to share peeks at works in progress, but I need a better camera than my iPhone to do so in a way that doesn’t make me cringe (as the above photo does). If anyone has any suggestions for decent digital cameras that are fairly inexpensive and will do the job of taking lovely photos of drawings, let me know!

Anonymous asked: Do you have instagram?

I do!

My art instagram is a bit sparse at the moment, as it’s relatively new and I’ve been awful at keeping up with it.

I have a personal instagram that I post to more often, though it’s mostly cats.

A pair of maple leaf illustrations from a recently completed a series of botanical illustrations for Lululemon’s Carrefour Laval location.

The project was a collaboration with designer Bev Wong. If you happen to be in Montreal, you can check out the final product in person, or have a peek at Bev’s portfolio.